Xenesis controls the most cutting edge NASA Space-to-Ground communications technology

Working together with NASA, JPL, CalTech, Georgia Tech, Atlas Space Operations and Laser Light Communications we're positioned to solve the New Space satellite communications problem, by offering low cost & high band-width Space to Ground optical data transport.

Cutting edge design that reduces complexity, size, mass and total cost of data transmission.

Our Solution delivers a >20X decrease in Op-Ex and Cap-Ex and a >100X increase in total throughput, from any orbit. We do it cheaper, faster and better than anyone...period.


We're offering special consideration to First Adopters. Tell us about your mission and we may partner with you, because together we can achieve so much more. Let's chat and see what makes sense.

Redundancy is Key

We're listening to our First Adopters. They, like you, were initially concerned with the efficacy of Optical. We answered by adding a Quad Band SDR with Quad Transceivers and Dual Patch Antennas. With >250° FOR and 250Mbs over Ka, X, C and S bands...we've got your mission in mind.

A Totally Secure Solution

We've done the heavy lifting. We can move your data from any orbit, to any end point with 100% data security.

Concerned with Costs???

We've got you covered, not just connected. We've developed an industry first capability to finance your hardware purchase. Turn your Cap-Ex into an Op-Ex. Xenesis believes in your mission, and we put our hardware where it belongs....On-Orbit.

We’re leveling the playing field and fostering new technologies & major scientific breakthroughs…see the light and connect.


The Xen-Hub® is our flight grade Optical Transceiver, invented by Cal Tech's JPL/NASA research arm, and is the backbone of our Xenesis Communications Platform

Xen-Eye ®

Xen-Eye ® is our new patent pending Optical Receiver. This new design contains no mirrors, no moving parts, needs no light-well and can track the entire sky. In addition, it is nearly indestructible and can weather the extremes of the desert, or outer Space. Lastly, we can customize this new technology for your mega cube-sat constellation, or your GEO ``school-bus``. Curious...we know you are. Let's chat.

Xen-linking® as a Service

Through our partnerships across the industry, Xenesis is able to offer this service for backhaul and near realtime comms depending upon your mission requirements

Xenesis Financing

Finance your purchase with us...turn Cap-Ex into Op-Ex.


As part of the Xen-Platform®, we can design a monitoring environment capable of fulfilling all your mission critical needs, to ensure success

Xen-alytics ®

Xenesis is designing a suite of analytical tools, capable of ingesting petabytes of data (either structured or unstructured) so that you can do what you do best, while we focus on delivering the mission critical tools and support you need. We've got your back-end!

Mission Support

One-off Flight-Grade Xen-ware® capabilities


Have an idea, or an entirely new division you'd like to get off the ground? We have a team of partners and resources available to solve even the most daunting of challenges, so you can focus on revenues and mission critical objectives.
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Xenesis…see the light and connect.

There are more payloads in the planning stage, than are currently in operational orbit. If yours’ is one of them, we’d love to talk to you:

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