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Cost-Advantaged Connections

Xenesis is a data and communications service provider that delivers low latency (high speed), high throughput connectivity for Mobile Network Operators, Internet Service Providers, and Enterprise markets through a turn-key and fully autonomous Free Space Optical Communications architecture.

High Capacity > 10 Gb up/down-link, >10X incumbent’s capacity

Hyper Secure > Narrow transmission spectrum that prevents interception

Built for Scale > Globally scalable with automated routing to reduce latency

Low-Latency > Faster transmission times means close to real time data

Low-Cost > 10X cost advantage from other satellite communication providers


Optical Comms as a Service

Xen-Link is a full turn-key Free Space Optical Communications service offering from Xenesis. It is comprised of two primary terminals:

Xen-Hub space-based terminal includes an optical head module, optical amplifier (EDFA) module, and an electronics/photonic modem module

Xen-Node which is an optical ground terminal that is made with a high precision telescope and optical bench, optical EDFA module and the same electronics/photonic modem module with an interface unit to a 10GbE Ethernet network.

The Xen-Link optical up-link and down-link is nominally at 10 Gbps using a single wavelength for each path (up-link and down-link)

The Xen-Hub and Xen-Node can be programmed to operate from 625 Mbps for long distances to either 1.25, 2.5, or 5 Gbps for moderate distances

The Xen-Hub is designed to be used as both an up/down link space terminal or an optical inter-satellite link (OISL) terminal.

  • No Cap-Ex…Xenesis has turned this into a operating expense
  • SLA Based Contracts
  • Dedicated Ground Segment & Support
  • Fully interoperable space and ground segments
  • Flight certified hardware
  • Heritage on all components
  • Service at 10X capacity
  • Cost >50% less than any RF solution
  • Turn-key ecosystem with custom bus integration

A state-of-the-art Optical Space Terminal, powered by Space Micro Incorporated

  • Two optical assemblies (both either 7 cm or 3.5 cm in diameter), one transmit and one receive, so full-duplex
  • Integrated with the photonic ICs (TOSA and ROSA)
  • A two-axis coarse-pointing gimbal system
  • Pointing acquisition and tracking (PAT) electronics for fine pointing and thermal control
  • A 0.5 m diameter optimized Dall-Kirkham optical telescope built by Planewave
  • An additional telescope on sight for emergency replacement
  • Supports full-duplex operations, even during daylight operations
  • Includes all the required modems, connections, mounts, automated electronic clamshell shroud and concrete pad

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    Advisory Board

    R. Kent Buchanan

    CTO: Harris

    Jim Keyes

    CEO: 711 & Blockbuster

    Campbell Macfarlane

    SVP Global Business Development & Strategic Bids: Orange Business Services
    (>$2B in Customer Commitments)

    Ronald van der Breggen

    Chief Commercial Officer:
    LeoSat Enterprises, Inc.
    (>$2B in Customer Commitments)

    VP of Customer Account:
    SES Satellites

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