… solving the Human problem of connectivity…at the scale of Humanity

... solving the Human problem of connectivity

... at the scale of Humanity

... with lasers in space ...

>40% faster vs fiber on earth
ultra high capacity
highly scalable
more secure than any ground system

Quick Stats

>20 Committed
Partners and

Service Network
of satellites
starting in 2025

of ground stations
starting in 2025

Projecting $10B+
in Revenue
over next decade

global sales

Highly Efficient
cost-effective network

Connecting the
unconnected and
underserved on a
global scale

Government and Commercial
data transport needs

Photo of Mark LaPenna
Mark LaPenna


Photo of Victoria Phillip
Victoria Phillip


Photo of Felipe Gomez del Campo
Felipe Gomez del Campo

EVP Partnerships & Alliances

Photo of Bob Eigenbauer
Bob Eigenbauer


Photo of Neal Campion
Neal Campion


Photo of Kelly Colman
Kelly Colman


Photo of Jeffrey Cole
Jeffrey Cole


Photo of Kevin Resch
Kevin Resch

Director – Planning

R. Kent Buchanan

Board Member Emeritus

Photo of Phil Bentley
Phil Bentley

Investor & Board Advisor

Photo of Cynthia Hollen
Cynthia Hollen

Business Advisor

Photo of Jim Lane
Jim Lane

Board Member

Photo of Sean McDaniel
Sean McDaniel

Industry Advisor

Campbell Macfarlane

Board & CEO Advisor

Photo of Alex Roy
Alex Roy

Industry Advisor

Photo of Justin Wine
Justin Wine

Board Advisor & Investor

37° N
… Will Close the Digital Divide …
37° S


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