About Us

About Us

We employ a strategy of leveraging ownership rights and teaming agreements to integrate our
proprietary hardware and software expertise with specialized manufacturing partners including Space
Micro (SMI), Airbus, and multiple ground segment vendors. This strategy enables execution of Xenesis’
core competencies to deliver an advanced state of the art service within a cost-advantaged framework.

Xenesis’ networking as a service (NaaS) targets three primary segments – Network as a Service, Mobile
Backhaul Services, and Earth Observation with $90B, $15B, and $1.5B respectively of current annual
spending. These segments span large Telecom companies (e.g., Globe Telecom), Federal Government
(e.g., US Air Force, NRO, and Space Command), and other commercial customers and data centers (e.g.,
Digital Realty). Xenesis provides unique value to each of these segments, including providing fast,
reliable service without customers absorbing large capital expenditures; providing fast, dynamically
routed transmissions across all types of applications (data agnostic); and an ability to connect across
both heavily populated and remote locations in a cost-advantaged manner. In addition, our Xen-Hub
can be integrated with Near-Zero CAPEX to aerospace giants and any prime contractor to augment their
service offerings.

Ultimately we are able to connect the unconnected by utilizing our technology to serve humanity as a
whole…as today approximately 3.4B people (41% of the world’s population) remain unconnected. Our
technology is built to benefit everyone worldwide, not just select groups.

Xenesis has a 3-pronged go-to-market strategy. Our government approach includes a current project
with the Space Development Agency (SDA) to develop high speed data transmission capabilities to
enable SDA’s national defense and space architecture. Planning is underway for expanded engagement
in the government-driven marketplace. A second prong is to leverage existing partner assets and deliver
optical communications services to customers. We are currently signing contractual agreements with
Airbus as Xenesis was selected to be the exclusive laser optical vendor on the Osiris Communications
Boom which is part of the Columbus module to the International Space Station (ISS). This
agreement will enable Xenesis to secure contracts with ISS customers and drive early revenue.
The third prong is to provide an end-to-end service. This capability will become available to
customers in stages starting in 2025.

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Ron Weiland

Senior Vice President of Sales

Advisory Board

R. Kent Buchanan

CTO: Harris

Jim Keyes

CEO: 711 & Blockbuster

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Phil Bentley

CEO: Mitie

Campbell Macfarlane

SVP Global Business Development & Strategic Bids: Orange Business Services
(>$2B in Customer Commitments)

Ronald van der Breggen

Chief Commercial Officer:
LeoSat Enterprises, Inc.
(>$2B in Customer Commitments)

VP of Customer Account:
SES Satellites